Paul Nylund

My goal is to evolve productivity and connection through the advancement of technology. Whether it's hardware, software, development, design, or entrepreneurship —they're all means to create useful solutions.

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I am originally from Los Angeles, California and was raised speaking Norwegian. My interest in dissolving the boundaries between design and engineering led me to study in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. I've also spent some time working in New York, Malmö, and Melbourne.

My life's trajectory tends to confuse a lot of people, so I made a map.

I am also incredibly passionate about cooking and playing music.

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Branding / Strategy


When life gives you Lakers

Summer 2017 — Oslo, Norway

Beining & Bogen

Beining & Bogen is a small design studio with a big impact, having worked with large Norwegian clients such as Kolonial, Godt Brød, and more.

Beining & Bogen wanted a full redesign of their outdated portfolio website. The team and I worked through several iterations of aesthetic (colors, typography) and navigation structure. Eventually, we settled on a design that would capture the loud and 80’s-inspired attitude that the founders wanted to convey.

My goal was to deliver a full portfolio redesign while balancing the founders’ unique aesthetics and their outward brand vision.

I created all the web designs for Beining & Bogen’s portfolio refresh in Sketch, as well as an accompanying interactive prototype in InVision. I also collaborated on the interaction flows / UX for an IoT-focused project with Sweden-based ASSA ABLOY’s Yale Doorman.

Beining & Bogen