Paul Nylund

My goal is to evolve productivity and connection through the advancement of technology. Whether it's hardware, software, development, design, or entrepreneurship —they're all means to create useful solutions.

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I am originally from Los Angeles, California and was raised speaking Norwegian. My interest in dissolving the boundaries between design and engineering led me to study in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. I've also spent some time working in New York, Malmö, and Melbourne.

My life's trajectory tends to confuse a lot of people, so I made a map.

I am also incredibly passionate about cooking and playing music.

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Branding / Strategy


Stakeholder management chess

August 2019 - Present — Oslo, Norway


For about half a year, I consulted as the User Experience Lead on the Get homepage, under the Telia Group. During my time here, I have optimized and redesigned the ordering process for the Get boX.

The redesign resulted in the percentage of orders completed online increasing from 10% to over 50%, as opposed to via customer service. This was the first time in Get's history that they sold more boxes online than any other method. It also reduced the dropoff rate due to warnings about low internet speeds from 65% to 15%.