Paul Nylund

My goal is to evolve productivity and connection through the advancement of technology. Whether it's hardware, software, development, design, or entrepreneurship —they're all means to create useful solutions.

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I am originally from Los Angeles, California and was raised speaking Norwegian. My interest in dissolving the boundaries between design and engineering led me to study in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. I've also spent some time working in New York, Malmö, and Melbourne.

My life's trajectory tends to confuse a lot of people, so I made a map.

I am also incredibly passionate about cooking and playing music.

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Branding / Strategy


Developing the marketplace

Summer 2017 — Oslo, Norway


Hold is an app for students that rewards them for putting their phones away. It is used by approximately 50% of all students in Norway. It has been featured on publications such as the Guardian and Telegraph.

I was tasked with collaborating on the development of the majority of the front-end interface. My greatest contribution was to build each screen (such as the marketplace) to easily be auto-generated in accordance with the provided data.

The goal during my time at Hold was to prepare a total refresh for release before the start of the school year that following September.

My role at Hold was as front-end developer in React Native. I also had some input on the design of the app, such as reward detail screens.