Paul Nylund

My goal is to evolve productivity and connection through the advancement of technology. Whether it's hardware, software, development, design, or entrepreneurship —they're all means to create useful solutions.

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I am originally from Los Angeles, California and was raised speaking Norwegian. My interest in dissolving the boundaries between design and engineering led me to study in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. I've also spent some time working in New York, Malmö, and Melbourne.

My life's trajectory tends to confuse a lot of people, so I made a map.

I am also incredibly passionate about cooking and playing music.

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Branding / Strategy


Quality, feedback

Spring 2016 — Sønderborg, Denmark


NeoDext is a wearable device that provides feedback to the user upon the tightening of a screw in response to smaller manufacturers' desire for increased standardization on the production line.

We built a wearable device that provides feedback to the user upon the tightening of a screw -without interacting with the screwdriver. In the future, a similar wearable device could be utilized to enforce quality control for any task.

The goal was to develop a tool or a tool-set that can assist and/or support a specific group of people in doing their work. While total automation remains an expensive option, smaller, low-budget manufacturers can benefit from enforcing standards throughout the production line.

I focused on the design of the electrical PCB, CAD modeling, and visual concept design. I also conducted numerous company interviews with Danfoss, Linak, and Swienty regarding their respective assembly line processes and enforced the design process throughout the course of the project.

DanfossSwientyXR LabUniversity of Southern DenmarkLinak